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Access and Working Time Control Systems control the access to a building or a certain premises, as well as the working time of the employees via contemporary authorization technologies – RFID, biometrics or a PIN Code. The Systems not only consider the facts but also take real time decisions. This permits defining of certain access rules for a person or a group to a defined perimeter.

Automated access and working time control eliminates the necessity of a physical control over the entrances of the respective premises. Further, it performs an entire control and generates statistics on the presence (absence) of the personnel, the working time, and the beginning and ending of the business day.

If you are sick of carrying piles of keys, if you wish to secure the access to your premises and to always have a real time information whether the working time is complied with by your employees, this is your solution.

Access Control Systems together with the CCTV will bring security and composure to your business.


Thousand problems. One system. Integral solution.