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We can prepare a design of Network equipment and communications layout in accordance with your needs and requirements. As regards communications, this is one of the most important steps for starting up a successful business. This step is often neglected or underestimated by companies, a fact which leads to immediate problems after moving to a new office.

We can prepare LAN (Local Area Network) connectivity design of 1Gbps or 100 Mbps of the Local Network depending on the company's resources, number of employees and Network equipment. We can further effect a secure WiFi (Wireless) coverage within the your office's building, as well as to choose the most appropriate equipment for achieving these results.

Electric power outrages (blackouts) may often lead to heavy information collapse and damage of important Server equipment. For this reason and in addition to the designs referred above, a design for a UPS backup power should be implemented in order to secure the entire Network communication of your company and to keep all systems in operation for a certain time period. This period's duration depends on the individual requirements, as well as on the amount of the capital to be invested.

By the correct implementation of these first steps you will accomplish the building of the Network's backbone and will lay the grounds for the commencement of the second stage which comprises creation of a complete profile of your company and acquisition of all equipment required for provision of the IT services you need – the services that will accompany your business.




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