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Imagine it is Monday morning (usually a very hard day :)), you arrive at the office and understand that all systems have collapsed due to reaching a critical temperature in the Server premises or due to any other software cause.

Could this be avoided?

The answer is “Yes” – through Monitoring Systems and timely resolving of problems before it is too late.

The Monitoring Server is intended to monitor all communication resources in your company. Servers, cameras, Access Control Systems, printers, temperature in critical premises, and generally everything else that supports TCP or UDP Protocols could be monitored.

You will always know the status of your entire Network, irrespective of the place where the Servers and communications are located.

Through a User-friendly Web Interface, receiving of e-mails to SMS or via e-mail you will always be informed on the entire condition of the Network.

Be timely informed on the problems before it is too late.

The monitoring service offer includes measurement of the incoming and outcoming traffic of the Server services, thus making it possible to understand where it is not sufficient and where there is an extra one (e.g. for a Website or another Software Application).

Save resources. Do not relay on the chance when it comes to your technologies.
















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