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Proxy Server in Computer Networks is a Server (Computer System or Application Programmes) acting as an agent for the demanded by the client/s resources and/or services from other Servers. The client connects to a Proxy Server requiring some services (e.g. a file, connection, Webpage or other recourses accessible from another Server). The Proxy Server checks the request in accordance with filtering rules set in advance. For example it could filter the traffic from an IP Address or a Protocol or restrict downloading of files with .mp3 .wma .exe .avi .torrent extension. If the request is affirmed, the Proxy Server provides the required resource by connecting to the respective Server (which actually provides the service) and requests the service on behalf of the client.

In addition the Proxy Server can change the customer's requests or the Server's answer and sometimes it could serve the request without connecting to another Server. The latter case is the so called “cashing” of the request to a Remote Sever, and namely: the result of an identical request made earlier for the same content is received directly from the Proxy Server without connecting the Proxy to the Global Internet Network.

Here are some of the Proxy Server's purposes:

  • Keep the privacy of the machines that use the service (mainly with regard to security);
  • Speeding up the access to resources using the cashing function (Proxy Servers are mainly used for Webpages caching);
  • Implementing Networks and Content Access Policies (e.g. to restrict the access to undesireable Webpages);
  • Monitoring and analysing the traffic (e.g. generating data for the use of Internet by a company's employees);
  • Scanning of transmitted data for protection against Malicious Software befofre it has reached the user;
  • Outcoming data scanning for protection against leak of protected data or confidential information.

The Proxy Server could be located on various places between the User's local computer and the Target Server in the Internet (the Server that generates the result).

The Reverse Proxy is usually a Proxy Server towards Internet serving for Control and Protection Point against access of a Private Network Server. It provides also other services like load-balancing, authentication, decryption or cashing.

What we offer is a SQUID Proxy Server which to our opinion (and also according to many others) is the most elegant and functional solution.


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