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The Router is a separate device within the computer networks and serves for management of information traffic (packages) distribution between networks, as well as between various segments of a single network. The Router operates on layer 3 of the seven-layer OSI model, i.e. the Router operates with IP and not MAC addresses, which is its main difference from the Switch and the Hub.

The benefit of a well configured and set Router is huge:

  • You acquire an impenetrable Firewall;
  • If you have a second Internet provider the access to the Internet never stops as the Router automatically switches to the other provider if the connection of the first one is broken;
  • Computers in the internal network are protected;
  • Outcoming and incoming traffic is well balanced – a single user can not occupy the whole connectivity thus slowing the connectivity of the entire office;
  • You stop the “enemy” before the threshold of the virtual gate to your company.

After this short presentation, you will find below a list of the services we offer:

1. Building of Routers based on *BSD Operating Systems, Linux*, and from any type of hardware devices intended for Routers;
2. Firewall configuration;
3. Balancing the traffic between one, two or more Internet providers (if you have a back up Internet provider/s);
4. Automatic switch to another Internet provider at dropping out of the first one;
5. Building of Shaper (division the traffic by type; filtering of Protocols; defining of different groups with different connectivity speed; traffic prioritizing, etc.);
6. Defense against any type of attacks like DOS, DDOS, Ping of dead, flood and many other. For *BSD based Operating Systems we use the following Firewalls: Packet Filter and IP Firewall, and for all Linux distributions we use IPTABLES.



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