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Video Control is an important part of the security of your business. This is the reason we offer design and building of integral Video Control solutions where we include the following technologies:

The first and relatively old-fashioned Video Control model uses analogue video cameras and the so called “Catcher Devices”.

The second and contemporary model uses digital video cameras (called also IP video cameras).

As regards the price, the second solution is the more expensive one as the price of the video cameras used is higher. As regards functionality, i.e. picture and sound quality, the IP video cameras are an excellent solution and could not be compared to their analogue relatives.

The Video Control solutions that we offer include also the possibility for a remote surveillance via the Internet using Intuitive Web Interface and/or Software, installed on several computers.

What will be the help of the CCTV (Closed-circuit TV)?

  • Increases your security level;
  • Prevents robberies;
  • Increases your employees' efficiency;
  • Prevents thefts by clients;
  • Prevents thefts by employees;
  • Helps finding and catching the perpetrators;
  • Facilitates the serveillance of remote objects via the Internet;
  • Ensures live Video Control;
  • Helps controlling the business and improving the organization of the working process.

Why choosing IT SYS for building of your CCTV? Because we offer:

  • Designing the entire conception for video cameras locations free of charge;
  • Excellent prices;
  • Good quality materials;
  • Free of charge support period, the duration depending on the project size;
  • Prompt reacting in case of a problem;
  • Rebates for bulding of Access Control Systems (only if a CCTV is built by us);
  • Fast and accurate servicing.

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