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VoIP Voice over IP or VoIP is a technology enabling voice transmission (telephony) through the Internet infrastructure. The term could refer to connection between two computers, two telephones, a computer and a telephone, as long as the signal is transmitted via IP Packages for at least a part of its way.

By choosing this solution you will cut your business's expenses and will built a contemporary voice terminating system in your company.

Video conference calls could also be integrated in the System. There are thousands of advantages that could not be counted in a brief article. Well-known Protocols like Skype, Jabber, Gtalk could be integrated with Asterisk (the Software we use for integration of this solution).

Another plus is that the VoIP PBX (private branch exchange) can record calls (which could be listen to later in a suitable way). The VoIP PBX could also be set to act differently in case of incoming call depending on whether it is a working day or a holiday.

The multifunctional Numbering Plan of this system could allow you to set your VoIP PBX in accordance with the particular needs of your business. The integration of Smart Phones and Software Phones will introduce an additional functionality for free (if a WiFi is available) or low cost calls wherever you are (in Bulgaria or abroad).

This solution together with the additional integration of SIP Protocol on the IPSec stack will provide you with encrypted connection with another user from your company or other user authorized to use the Numbering Plan of the VoIP PBX, i.e. has a username and a password for identification before the VoIP PBX.

The Software we use for integration of VoIP is completely free and is called Asterisk, while the Operating System that runs the Asterisk is FreeBSD (also free) – one of the most powerful UNIX based Operating Systems for heavy Internet and Intranet loads.

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